The Governor with Spinnaker Health Research Foundation
The Governor meets with Andrew Friars and Dana Henderson from Spinnaker Health Research Foundation

Governor meets new Spinnaker Health Research Foundation Chair

The Governor met with Spinnaker Health Research Foundation this afternoon and was brought up to speed on what’s been happening in the health and medical research industries of late.

Ms Dana Henderson, Chief Executive Officer for Spinnaker also had the pleasure of introducing the Governor to the newly appointed Chairman Mr Andrew Friars, who commenced with the organisation in January.

The Governor was briefed on COVID-19 related research which the Foundation undertook in collaboration with the Australian National Phenome Centre, focus on Spinnaker’s 25th year of operation and its future-focus on development, and was thrilled to learn that 97% of money raised for the Spinnaker Health Research Foundation is attributed to medical research in specific areas.

Western Australia is known for innovating in the medical and health industries and Mr Friars and Ms Henderson both expressed their desire for Spinnaker to continue to facilitate ground-breaking medical research in key areas across the State.



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