Woodside robotics
The Governor gets behind-the-controls of ‘Bluey’ at Woodside Energy’s robotics lab

The Governor meets ‘Bluey’ – a robot with all the moves!

A mix of business and fun during the Governor’s visit to Woodside Energy’s Robotics Lab today, with the chance to get behind the controls of ‘Bluey’, one of the company’s remote-operated robots.

On a visit hosted by acting CEO Meg O’Neill and some of Woodside’s main automation and robotics experts, the Governor took the chance to get updated on the company’s pioneering work with NASA and its development and roll out of a range of advanced digital technologies and robots.

One of those robots is ‘Bluey’ a remote operational surveillance unit developed for Woodside work sites to assist in surveillance and inspections. The Governor enjoyed the chance to take Bluey for a test run around a specially built training platform.

“Woodside is building a strong and growing relationship with NASA and its cutting edge work in robotics is quite remarkable. Given the gigantic characteristics of our energy and mining industries the ability to monitor systems via a way that not only provides regular updates, but also updates from areas better suited to robots from a safety point of view than people is critical at so many levels of operations,” said the Governor.

“This really is an example of West Australian’s at their most inventive.”

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