The Governor with A Stitch in Time's Greg Hire
The Governor met up with ‘A Stitch in Time’s’ Greg Hire

A former Wildcat comes to visit, and Executive Council

Greg Hire is well known as a superstar on the basketball court. A former Wildcat and four times Premiership player he retired from the NBL in 2019.

His focus now is ‘A Stitch in Time’, an organisation he founded to help prevent suicide. The Governor caught up with Greg today to record his latest ‘Conversation at Government House’, in which he chats about his sports career and his work to help save lives.

We look forward to sharing that chat next month.

Executive Council

The Governor started the day presiding over Executive Council.

Joining him at Government House was Minister for Water; Forestry; Youth, the Hon Dave Kelly MLA, and Minister for Finance; Lands; Sport and Recreation; Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs the Hon Tony Buti MLA.

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