RWAR guard parade and service
A three Batallion parade greeted the Governor, who is Honorary Colonel of the Royal Western Australian Regiment Association.

Celebrating 61 years of The Royal Western Australian Regiment

A morning of great ceremony as the Governor attended the 61st birthday celebration of the Royal Western Australian Regiment (RWAR) at St George’s Cathedral.

The Governor, who is Honorary Colonel of the Regiment, was received on parade with a royal salute from the RWAR, prior to attending a Service of Remembrance, and later addressing the gathering at morning tea.

The RWAR is a reserve infantry regiment of the Australian Army which consists of two batallions, the 11th/28th Batallion and the 16th Batallion. The Regiment was raised on 1 July 1960 as part of the reorganisation of the Australian Army Reserve through the amalgamation of The City of Perth Regiment, The Cameron Highlanders of Western Australia and The Swan Regiment.

The official parade saw a full guard from each of the 11th, 28th and 16th Batallion greet the Governor and official party.

At the event the Governor was thrilled to meet soon-to-be 103 year old Arthur Leggett who is the last surviving 2/11 Ex-POW in WA. Mr Leggett is the current President of the Ex-POW Association of WA.

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