Conversation Phil Bland
We head to space in this eye-opening chat between the Governor and Professor Phil Bland

‘Conversations at Government House’ – heading into space with Professor Phil Bland

We’re blasting off into space for the latest in our Conversations at Government House series, as the Governor chats about an exciting new space launch led by Curtin University’s Professor Phil Bland.

Professor Bland is Director at Curtin’s Space Science and Technology Centre and at the end of August will be sending the first of seven small yet powerful satellites into space. The satellites have all been home-built in WA and will blast off from Cape Canaveral in the USA, to the International Space Station, before being launched into orbit.

A lot is riding on the success of this exciting project that creators hope will significantly boost Western Australia’s space industry and exploration capabilities.

We hope you enjoy the conversation with WA’s very own space man Professor Phil Bland.





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