MIddle Swan PS with Eastwinds
Musical improvisation at its best with ‘Eastwinds’ and the students from Middle Swan Primary School

Taking the students from Middle Swan PS on a global musical adventure

What an adventure for the students from Middle Swan Primary School who today enjoyed a global musical journey from the comfort of the Government House Green Room.

The students were treated to a wonderful cultural mix of music by local group ‘Eastwinds’ as part of the Governor and Ms Annus’s Schools Music and Art Education initiative.

The program is aimed at helping primary school kids enjoy an interactive experience, whilst also learning about the importance of music in education.

It was a fun-filled morning of musical improvisation, that even had the Governor and Ms Annus take centre stage in a ‘word-beat’ challenge.

Thanks to Musica Viva Australia for their help and great to have their WA State Manager Fiona Campbell come along. Fiona works tirelessly to help promote the value of music in our schools.

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