SKY News Anzus interview
The Governor on the set of SKY News getting ready to talk about the ANZUS Alliance

Annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast, and talking national security

The annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast was held this morning with the Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Peter Quinlan, addressing the gathering.

The breakfast is an opportunity for state leaders to join with community members from across all denominations in a collective forum to pray for our state and nation.

The Governor’s Prayer Breakfast has been an annual event in Perth since 1991.

Talking ANZUS on national television

The Governor headed into SKY News’s Perth studio today to pre-record an interview focusing on national security.

In a week that celebrated the 70th anniversary of the ANZUS alliance, the Governor was invited as a special guest on the McGregor Angle, hosted by Catherine McGregor.

The interview focused on his experiences and expertise as a former Defence Minister in Bob Hawke’s Government, a Deputy Prime Minister under Paul Keating and a six year posting as Australia’s Ambassador to the United States.

You can listen in via podcast as well once the broadcast has been to air. Podcasts available here

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