Emeritus Professor Colleen Hayward AC teaches us about the Noongar season of Djilba.
Emeritus Professor Colleen Hayward AM teaches us about the Noongar season of Djilba.

Djilba season at Government House

It’s Djlba season at Government House and we are excited to see explosions of colour around the Gardens and some gorgeous new arrivals as families of ducklings emerge from their nests and our Koolbardi’s (magpies) and ‘Djidi Djidi (willy wagtails) work frantically to build nests and protect their young.

Djilba is a time known as the ‘second rains’ or ‘first springs’ in the six season Noongar calendar and is also recognised as the season of conception.

Running August through September it is a transitional period when we start to see the cold, wet days make way for warmer and clearer conditions.

At Government House we love learning as much as we can about the Noongar calendar and feel very fortunate to have the knowledge of Noongar woman, Emeritus Professor Colleen Hayward AM to guide us through this current season of Djilba in this video below.

You can also learn more about some of our Government House floral installations paying tribute to the colours of the Djilba season here











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