Professor Helen Milroy at Government House
Leading child health experts and state leaders meet at Government House

Healthy child development a key talking point at Government House

A gathering of child development experts and state leaders at Government House today with the key focus a discussion on the healthy development of WA children.

The Governor and Ms Annus hosted a meeting and lunch in recognition of the work of pioneering Aboriginal psychiatrist and mental health champion Professor Helen Milroy.

Photo – The Governor with 2021 WA Australian of the Year and child mental health pioneer Professor Helen Milroy

Special guests included state child health specialists, WA Commissioner for Children and Young People Mr Colin Pettit, Telethon Kids Institute Chair the Hon Julie Bishop, Deputy Premier and Minister for Health the Hon Roger Cook MLA, Minister for Mental Health the Hon Stephen Dawson MLC, and Minister for Child Protection the Hon Simone McGurk MLA.

Professor Helen Milroy, who is also 2021 WA Australian of the Year, shared her thoughts, concerns and hopes for ensuring the best possible developmental pathways for WA’s kids.

“We were very privileged to have three WA Government Ministers in attendance today and a lot of expertise around the table for a very important discussion,” said the Governor.

“This conversation with Professor Helen Milroy about the impact a traumatic event has on a child’s development and their ability to avoid circumstances that might lead them to suicide, other forms of early death, brain health or difficulties coping socially is such a crucial one. I am so pleased to see so many informed and good people coming together to work on solutions.”

If you would like to hear more about Professor Milroy’s work then tune into her ‘Conversation with the Governor’ recorded in July at Government House – full interview here

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