Chief Scientist, Health Minister Governorn talk health, education and state development
The Governor met with WA’s Chief Scientist Professor Peter Klinken and WA’s Health Minister Roger Cook.

Key discussions on the long-term health impact of Covid, and a dinner to thank the Government House Foundation’s outgoing Chair.

Plenty to discuss today as the Governor hosted a number of meetings across key health, education and state development matters.

Long Covid and the ongoing impact of the pandemic on our individual health, and the state’s health system, was the focus of a meeting organised by the Governor and involving WA’s Health Minister the Hon Roger Cook MLA, WA’s Chief Scientist Professor Peter Klinken and Director of Murdoch University’s Australian National Phenome Centre, Professor Jeremy Nicholson.

(Hear more from Professor Nicholson on the Covid-19 pandemic in his Conversation with the Governor recorded at Government House earlier this year here)

Photo- The Governor with (l-r) Professor Peter Klinken, Mr David Harrison and Professor Jeremy Nicholson

Also in attendance were Murdoch University’s Chief of Staff David Harrison and the Minister’s Chief of Staff Neil Fergus.

“Superb discussion by all talking about areas of affliction of Covid that we don’t talk about very much, in particular the possibility of enormous impact from Long Covid on the cost of health and the dangers to the community,” said the Governor.

Prior to this meeting the Governor also met with Minister Cook and Professor Klinken for discussion around educational and development matters in Western Australia.

A dinner to say thanks to the Honourable John McKechnie QC

The Governor and Ms Annus hosted a dinner in honour of the outgoing Chair of the Government House Foundation (GHF), the Honourable John McKechnie QC.

Photo – The Governor and the Honourable John McKechnie QC

Mr McKechnie was GHF Chair from June 2018 until the AGM in August this year, with tonight’s dinner a way of saying thanks for his work over the years.

The Foundation is a voluntary organisation working to promote the significance of the House, Ballroom and Gardens to all West Australians.

The Honourable John McKechnie is the Commissioner of the Corruption and Crime Commission of Western Australia.

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