Murdoch Uni Defence Research
The Governor tries out some of Murdoch University’s interactive virtual technology

Update on WA’s defence research work, and supporting the work of Asthma WA

An in-depth update on some of WA’s defence research work for the Governor today, with multiple briefings by experts from Murdoch University.

The Governor met with University leaders from across key research areas before more detailed presentations on work with a defence focus, including bio-security, antimicrobial surveillance and detection, and interactive virtual technology used for military strategy and design.

The Governor also heard from Australian National Phenome Centre Director Professor Jeremy Nicholson on defence application of Phenomics Research. Professor Nicholson is Pro Vice Chancellor of Health at Murdoch.

A reception for Asthma WA

The Governor and Ms Annus hosted a special event in support of the Governor’s patronage – Asthma WA.

Asthma WA has been a important part of the WA health landscape for nearly 57 years, with today’s event a way to thank donors and supporters of the organisation’s Paediatric Respiratory Hub that was launched just over a year ago.

The Governor addressed guests, before hearing from the Hub’s Founding Respiratory Specialist Dr Stephen Oo and Asthma WA CEO Ms Donna Rendell.

You can learn more about the Paediatric Respiratory Hub here

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