Gina Williams as Ngaank Boodja. Photo by James Rogers
Gina Williams as Ngaank Boodja in WA Opera’s ‘Koolbardi wer wardong’ Photo by James Rogers

Attending WA Opera’s Koolbardi wer wardong

A spectacular marriage of Noongar language and WA Opera has resulted in a wonderful new production for adults and children alike.

The Governor and Ms Annus were amongst the first in Perth to enjoy the highly entertaining family opera headlined by the powerhouse duo of singer Gina Williams and guitarist Guy Ghouse, who helped create this unique performance as part of their dream to revive Noongar language and broaden its reach to West Australian audiences.

Photo – James Rogers

‘Koolbardi wer wardong’ tells the story of the Koolbardi (magpie) and the Wardong (crow), developed in collaboration with WA Opera and as part of the Awesome Festival.

“This was a terrific performance that took just over an hour, but it was an hour fabulously spent,” said the Governor.

“It was a wonderful example of just how valuable the telling of Aboriginal stories is, and should continue to be. I suspect there will be many more and congratulations to all involved.”

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