Fremantle Press 45 Anniversary Reception Governor
Fremantle Press 45th Anniversary celebration

Celebrating 45 years of Fremantle Press, welcoming guests from FRG Bayern, and a key meeting with Woodside CEO Meg O’Neill

The Governor and Ms Annus hosted a reception to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Fremantle Press.

The Governor congratulated Fremantle Press on this significant milestone and acknowledged their many authors and generous supporters.

Guests at the event were treated to a special reading from author Sally Scott from her debut crime novel Fromage.

German Naval Frigate Commander welcomed to Government House

The Governor’s day began with a visit from the Commanding Officer of the German Navy Frigate Bayern, Commander Tilo Kalski.

Joining the Governor and Cdr. Kalski at Government House were German Defence Attaché LtCol. Alois Wagner, German Honorary Consul Dr Gabriele Maluga, Deputy Mayor of Fremantle Andrew Sullivan, Fremantle Councillor Mr Bryn Jones, and German Embassy Head of Press Mr Jens Hoch.

The Governor with (l-r) LC Alois Wagner, Cr Andrew Sullivan, Cdr. Tilo Kalski, Dr Gabriele Maluga, Cr Bryn Jones and Mr Jens Hoch (Images – Matt Jelonek)

After two months at sea, the FGS Bayern has been in Fremantle on a week-long goodwill visit and will depart tomorrow headed for Darwin.

Meeting with Woodside Energy CEO Meg O’Neill

The Governor today also welcomed Ms Meg O’Neill the recently appointed CEO of Woodside Energy to Government House.

“A privilege to have time to chat with Ms O’Neill, head of a fabulous Australian company. Australia is one of the world’s greatest energy and minerals providers and the people who are in leadership positions are serious players in global business,” said the Governor.

“Meg O’Neill, with vast experience from the USA, Australia and in particular our region is a very valuable person to have in business here.”

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