The Presentation of the Pilbara Regiment Colours

Presenting Queens Colours to Pilbara Regiment for protecting Australia

The Governor traveled to the Pilbara today to represent Her Majesty the Queen for the Presentation and Consecration of the Queen’s and Regimental Colours to the Pilbara Regiment.

The ceremony also included receiving the Punishment Spear from Mr Mervyn Lockyer, Ngarlum Lore Man, for the protection of the Regimental Colours.

Photo – The Pilbara Regiment marching on the parade ground before the presentation of the Colours. Image – Department of Defence

This was a particularly special honour for the Governor, who in 1985 as Minister for Defence was charged with raising the Pilbara Regiment, as it moved from its origins as the 5th Independent Rifle Company in Port Hedland to Karratha as a full regiment.

Photo – The Governor inspects the parade with the Regiment’s Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Damien Geary Image – Department of Defence

The Pilbara Regiment is a Regional Force Surveillance Unit responsible for providing situational awareness and understanding of prescribed threats over 1.3 million square kilometres.

Photo: The Governor addresses the crowd after the presentation of the Colours

“The Pilbara is the cornerstone of Western Australia’s economy. It is our country’s ‘back bone,” the Governor said.

“The Pilbara region, and the personnel who serve in  his Regiment, are essential to the defence of Australia and our national prosperity.”

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