Re-Raising of 10th Light Horse Regiment
The 10th Light Horse Memorial Troop stands ready for the ceremonial parade. Image – Department of Defence

Re-raising of the 10th Light Horse Regiment

An historic day with the re-raising of the Australian Army’s 10th Light Horse Regiment at Langley Park, in front of a large gathering of proud West Australians.

Photo – Department of Defence

The Governor’s official vehicle was escorted onto the parade ground by horses and guards from the 10th Light Horse Memorial Troop, before the Governor addressed the gathering, inspected the parade and received the Royal Salute.

Photo – Department of Defence

It was a very special day for the Governor whose Grandfather served with the 10th Light Horse Regiment in late 1915.

This important ceremony marks the first time in 45 years an Order from the Chief of Army has been given to re-raise the 10th Light Horse as a regiment, with a second squad to be created to add to the 100 personnel of the first squadron who operate as a part of the 13th Brigade.

Photo – Department of Defence

“Welcome back to our proud and glorious 10th Light Horse. We are so utterly pleased to see you re-raised in this time of strategic uncertainty and to see another seed planted in support of growing our State’s defence capability,” said the Governor

“This re-raising is not only auspicious for the Australian Army, but for our State, and our nation more broadly. It is an occasion tied to the heart of both our history and our future defence.”


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