The Governor enjoying all the culinary and cultural delights at World of Food Festival 2021
The Governor enjoying the culinary and cultural delights at World of Food Festival 2021 held in Government House Gardens

Connecting community at the World of Food Festival

A wonderful celebration of culture and community in Government House Gardens with the World of Food Festival 2021 a huge success.

Photo- An Austrian celebration at the World of Food Festival 2021. Image – Richard Wainwright

Photo – The Governor chats with Dr Gabriele Maluga, the Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, at the EU stand. Image – Richard Wainwright

The Governor and Ms Annus opened up the Gardens for the Consular Corps of WA who organised a day of international food and cultural performances, bringing together representatives from some of the approximately 60 Consulates that are based here in Perth.

Photo – An Italian feast being prepared. Image – Richard Wainwright

A free event, the festival was a great way to showcase WA’s multicultural community with over 36 international food stalls, 21 cultural performances, and 26 countries represented.

Photo – A Greek gastronomic delight on show at the Festival. Image – Richard Wainwright

The 2021 event was the 10th World of Food Festival to be held. It was particularly special to have it return to Government House Gardens after it had to be cancelled in 2020 due to Covid.

Photo – The Governor with some of Perth’s Consul Generals at Government House. Image – Richard Wainwright

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