TedX Kings Park
The Governor opens TedXKingsPark event

Governor opens TEDxKingsPark Countdown

The Governor opened Countdown, a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis.

The TedXKingsPark event was part of the world-wide Countdown aimed at turning ideas into action.

Photo – The Governor speaks with attendees at the Countdown event

The youth speakers at the TedXKingsPark Countdown included:

  • Isabella Pol, a youth advocate and leader in environmental sustainability.
  • Jacob Martin, a materials scientist and nanotechnologist working on climate stabilising technologies.
  • Josh Hopkin, a social entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in innovation and technology.
  • Katarina Doughty, a PhD student at UWA whose research focuses on transforming our global food systems to a circular model that sees waste as a resource that we can harness.
  • Matilda Peters, driving her employer’s move to carbon neutrality.
  • Dr Shannon Algar, an applied mathematician using sophisticated modelling techniques to understand complex, real-world systems, like the timing of ice ages and species extinction.
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