HASS tour Shenton College
The Governor speaks with HASS students from Shenton College

HASS studies comes to life at Government House, a keynote address and welcoming visitors

HASS studies comes to life at Government House

Humanities and Social Science (HASS) students from Shenton College had a special visit to Government House today where they had the opportunity to meet with the Governor and enjoy a tour.

The Year 10 HASS group heard from the Governor about his role and the many constitutional, Vice Regal and day to day duties he performs.

Photo – The Governor accepts a gift from Shenton College principal Mr Michael Morgan


The students were then taken on a comprehensive behind-the-scenes tour of the House which incorporated aspects of WA history, politics and law.

The Governor, who attended Hollywood High School (Shenton College’s predecessor) was recognised as a School Ambassador by Shenton College Principal Mr Michael Morgan.

Addressing key issues at the WA Magistrates Conference

The Governor presented the Keynote address for the annual Magistrates Society of Western Australia Conference 2021.

The Conference provides an opportunity for professional development and collegiate interaction, particularly for those in regional areas.

Photo – The Governor presenting at the Magistrates conference held at AGWA


During his speech, the Governor shared his insights into the judiciary and in particular expressed his vote of confidence to our magistrates.

“You need to be recognised for not only your contribution to the justice system but also to the functioning of our democracy and to the life we enjoy here in Western Australia,” said the Governor.

A busy day of visitors at Government House

It was a full day of visitors to Government House today with the Governor and Ms Annus welcoming a number of guests for meetings throughout the day.

First up was a chance for an update from the Giovanni Consort’s new Creative Director Kate McNamara and Secretary Thomas Friberg.

As patron, it was wonderful to hear the chamber choir’s exciting 2022 plans.

Photo – The Governor with Kate McNamara and Thomas Friberg of Giovanni Consort

Director General of the Department of Education, Lisa Rogers also came to Government House for a discussion about key issues facing the education sector in Western Australia.

Photo – The Governor with Lisa Rodgers, Director General, Department of Education




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