The Governor tours the HMS Astute

Tour of HMS Astute and welcome Ashdale Secondary College STEM award winners

The Governor took the opportunity today to tour the HMS Astute Submarine. The fascinating submarine tour followed the visit to Government House by Ashdale Secondary College.

Photo – The Governor aboard the HMS Astute

Welcome Ashdale Secondary College STEM award winners

Earlier in the day the Governor welcomed students from Ashdale Secondary College to Government House in celebration of their success in winning the 2020 Governor’s STEM Award in the Secondary Schools category.

The impact of COVID-related restrictions meant the award couldn’t be celebrated until today, with students from across Year 7 to Year 12 attending a morning tea in their honour, hosted by the Governor.

The Awards identify high quality outcomes and approaches in STEM subjects as well as in the way STEM teaching is integrated across learning areas.

Photo – The Governor congratulates Ashdale Secondary College students

The Governor commended Ashdale Secondary College on their focus and commitment to all things STEM including the strong STEM culture in the school amongst teachers and students.

The Governor congratulated the students on winning the 2020 STEM Award and for demonstrating outstanding leadership, skills and enthusiasm.

After the morning tea the students were treated to a behind-the-scenes tour to learn more about Government House which included a visit into the Governor’s office.

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