A tour of Coogee Chemical's titanium operations at Kwinana
The Governor tours Coogee Chemicals Kwinana operations

Industry site visits to Kwinana and Music on the Terrace program launch

The Governor headed to Kwinana this morning for updates on the operations of two key facilities based in the area.

A visit to Coogee Chemicals included a tour of the company’s industry-leading titanium powder production facility, with the Governor fascinated by how the work being done there is helping to bring world production out of the 1960’s and into the modern age. The tour was followed by an update on other chemical manufacturing work carried out on site.

Photo – Boardroom briefing at BP Kwinana on plans for a new clean energy hub

Second stop was to BP’s Kwinana site where work is underway looking at the potential of turning the former oil refinery into a multi-use clean energy hub, with the Governor briefed on plans for the development of environmentally friendly energy solutions.

Government House Music on the Terrace 2022 officially launched

The Government House Foundation revealed their plans for the Music on the Terrace 2022 concert series at a special launch event held at Government House this evening.

Photo – Soprano Rachelle Durkin performs at the program launch accompanied by Mark Coughlan. Image by – Artshoot Media

The exciting Music on the Terrace program, developed by new Artistic Director Mark Coughlan, will be held in the Government House Ballroom and Gardens throughout 2022.


The Governor and Ms Annus are dedicated supporters of the Arts in Western Australia and are eager to see the Government House community grow.

“We look forward to experiencing the fabulous Government House Foundation season and are delighted that this program continues to expand our support of Western Australian artists,” the Governor said.





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