Governor on 6PR
The Governor chats with 6PR’s guest ‘Mornings’ presenter Larry Graham.

‘On Air’ at 6PR, and first Executive Council for 2022

A trip to the 6PR radio studios today as the Governor spent some time ‘on air’ with guest ‘Mornings’ presenter and former Pilbara MLA Larry Graham.

Listen to the full chat here

The conversation ranged from family history, to his time in politics, a life dedicated to public service, to his priorities and passions as the Governor of Western Australia.

Executive Council Meeting

The Governor started the day with the first meeting of Executive Council for 2022.

Joining the Governor at Government House was Minister for Child Protection; Women’s Interests; Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence; Community Services, the Honourable Simone McGurk MLA, as well as Minister for Water; Forestry; Youth, the Honourable Dave Kelly MLA.

Also in attendance was Clerk of Executive Council Ms Viv Molan.

Executive Council meets regularly across the year, presided over by the Governor, to enable the progression of government business.

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