The Governor greets guests at the Australia Day launch.
The Governor enjoyed lively conversation at the Australia Day launch event.

The beginning of Australia Day activities

The Governor was invited to a breakfast by Auspire Australia Day Council (WA), alongside the WA 2022 Australians of the Year and Australia Day Ambassadors to commence festivities.

The event began with a Welcome to Country by Dr Richard Walley and the Ngalak Nidja performers, followed by the introduction of the WA Australians of the Year recipients via a panel discussion, hosted by journalist and presenter, Tracey Vo.

Tracey Vo interviews WA Australian of the Year award recipients.

The message of 2022 events is clear: Reflect. Respect. Celebrate. This Australia Day, the Australia Day Council encourage us all to reflect on every part of the Australian story – from the history that began tens of thousands of years ago with the First Australians, to our nation’s current place in the world. That of a proud, ancient and multicultural nation built on shared values. A country where we can enjoy many freedoms and opportunities that others aspire to.

Governor delivers his speech at the Australia Day launch breakfast.

In his speech, the Governor implored all West Australians to celebrate what makes us unique and all that this state has to offer.

“Let’s celebrate all that we have, all that we have achieved, and use that to propel us forward for an even brighter future.”

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