City of Perth citizenship ceremony
A mother and son receive their citizenship certificates.

Welcoming new Australians to the fold

Australia Day marks the largest confers of citizens. Across the country, hundreds of ceremonies take place, welcoming thousands of our newest citizens as Australians.

The Governor was pleased to be present at the induction of not just our newest Australian citizens, but of those residing in the City of Perth and City of South Perth districts.

South Perth

The Governor gives a speech at South Perth Citizenship Ceremony

To mark the beginning of the South Perth Citizenship ceremony, the Governor was presented an Australian flag by members of the 1st Salter Point Sea Scouts. The flag was then blessed by Mr David Sanford, the Associate Minister from Lifestreams Christian Churches. A flyover from members of the RAAF caused many to gaze skyward as the Scouts raised the flag. Joe Collard, accompanied by the Birrdiya Dancers performed the Welcome to Country prior to the beginning of the speeches.

In his address to those gathered in South Perth, the Governor spoke of the identity of Australians and the impact that they can have on the wider community.

“The social fabric of our communities is shaped by the diversity of the residents who chose to live here, above all other places. Of the almost 47,000 people living in the City of South Perth, I’m told that almost a third were born overseas or are from non-English speaking backgrounds. Each of our new citizens bring enormous strength to our country and to Western Australia. I am so pleased to see you all today becoming Australian citizens, your contribution to our community is invaluable.”


City of Perth

The Governor gives a speech at City of Perth Citizenship Ceremony

The City of Perth Citizenship ceremony was held inside Council House. A more subdued affair than South Perth, the event consisted of a Welcome to Ceremony by Don and Clive Smith and the announcement of the Australia Day WA Community Citizen of the Year Award winners.

The Governor welcomed the newest Australian citizens stating that, “Upon choosing WA to live, you have won a global lottery and got the golden ticket to live in the best place on Earth. As good as it is, I challenge you to start thinking about what you do to make this place even better…”

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