The Governor observes a chemist at Epichem.

Could chemistry save Australia from its landfill problem?

The Governor was invited to visit and tour the Epichem laboratory in Bentley.

Epichem is a chemical research and development company making an impact across the world – 40 countries to be exact. CEO Colin La Galia proudly discussed the company’s history and development from a small business designed to employ local chemists to the large scale production that services some of the world’s largest companies, including Johnston & Johnston and Pfizer, as well as global R&D Organisations, Universities, biotechnology companies, academic groups and contract manufacturers.

Currently, the team at Epichem are validating a solution to Australia’s largest growing problem – waste. The Governor was privy to a demonstration of Epichem’s patented process that sees waste products broken down into a state where the minerals and resources are reusable, resalable and the original product is entirely recycled. Unlike many other forms of recycling, this one is entirely omission-free. The process is scalable and usable across many typically wasteful industries such as mining, fashion and electronics.

Of the display, the Governor stated, “It’s extraordinary to see this coming out of a West Australian lab. It’s just brilliant.”

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