The Honourable Matthew Dean Swinbourn MLC BA; LLB; Minister for Electoral Affairs

Supplying WA with goods and Parliamentary Secretaries

The Honourable Matthew Dean Swinbourn MLC BA; LLB; Minister for Electoral Affairs; Parliamentary Secretary to the Attorney General was today officially sworn in as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Energy, Corrective Services and Industrial Relations.

Parliamentary Secretaries serve to assist Ministers. They are able to perform many of the functions a Minister can when directed by a Minister to do so. They are even able to stand for a Minister in the chamber and perform their duties on the floor, such as taking carriage of bills.

Congratulations to Mr Swinbourn on his appointment.

Supplying Western Australia

Discussions take place in the Drawing Room.Discussions take place in the Drawing Room.

Professor Flavio Macau, WA President of the Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI), and Professor Kerry Brown, Professor of Employment and Industry in the School of Business and Law and ECU Research Theme Leader, Natural and Built Environments at Edith Cowan University, stopped by Government House today. The visit follows up on Professor Macau’s attendance at the previously hosted Governor’s Strategic Foresight Dialogue. The topic of discussion:

  • A contemporary view of supply chain issues impacting Western Australia, including possible resilience measures; and
  • Perspectives on the Russia-Ukraine security situation and its impact on global logistics, including possible risks and opportunities for WA/Australia – specifically in relation to LNG, coal, wheat, aluminium and fertilisers vital to State agriculture.
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