Royal Humane Society Bravery Awards
First Class Constable Jonathan Trimble, Bronze Medal recipient, speaks with guests after the ceremony.

The Royal Humane Society of Australasia Awards March 2022

Instituted in 1874, the Royal Humane Society of Australasia aims to give public recognition to acts of bravery by bestowing awards on those who risk their own lives in saving or attempting to save the lives of others, as well as assist by a Relief Fund, award recipients who are disadvantaged or physically handicapped by their gallant actions.

Today, the Honourable Kim Beazley AC, Governor of Western Australia, had the pleasure of bestowing these awards to the West Australian recipients on behalf of the Royal Humane Society.

Royal Humane Society Bravery AwardsEmeritus Professor Colleen Hayward AM delivers a Welcome to Country.

The event began with Emeritus Professor Colleen Hayward AM performing a Welcome to Country. Professor Hayward spoke of the season of Bunuru, our second summer and hottest time of the year. The season is noted because of the flowering gum, the plentiful seafood and the noticeably increased ant activity. While ants are often considered to be a pest, Professor Hayward reminded those present that during this time of year, ants are preparing for the winter by gathering grain and seed to store in their nests. This preservation of plant life actually assists in restoring life once the cooler seasons of Djeran and Makuru pass.

“That we hold this ceremony today in the season of Bunuru is fitting. Whilst the ants preserve life, so do the people we honour today, through their acts of bravery.”

Royal Humane Society Bravery Awards

In his speech, the Governor expressed his admiration for those being invested and how fortunate and humbled he has felt these past years to have the honour to present these awards.

“We are lucky to have people like yourselves who, without thought of personal risk, displayed courage and bravery to protect or defend others. When faced with a dangerous or perilous situation, all of you thought not of yourselves, or your own safety, but about others. Your actions speak to our better natures. An instinct that seeks to protect and save people – usually total strangers – from immediate harm reminds us that within us all is an instinct that recognises the worth of human life. On behalf of all Western Australians, we congratulate you for your selflessness and generosity in helping others in need – it deserves our highest admiration.”

Royal Humane Society Bravery AwardsRecipients of awards pose for an official photo with the Governor, Ms Annus and Honorary WA Representatives of the Royal Humane Society of Australasia Mr & Mrs Roger & Annette Buddrige

The recipients awarded today include:

Mr Anthony Milbourne, Youth Justice Worker, Certificate of Merit

For his brave conduct in going to the rescue of two youth justice workers being attacked by three inmates at Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre, Victoria. At 5.30pm on 3 October 2019, three inmates became argumentative with a youth justice worker.  One of the inmates became violent and struck the youth justice worker who fell to the floor where he was further attacked by all three inmates. Mr Milbourne and two other youth justice workers all intervened to help and were able to separate the inmates from the assaulted worker. Mr Milbourne himself was then attacked by one of the inmates who was then apprehended by other staff.

First Class Constable David Steele, Constable Denzel Macauley & Senior Constable Stephen Salmon, Police Officer, Certificate of Merit

For their brave conduct in going to the rescue of a woman from her burning home at Camillo, WA. At 7.30pm on the 29th October 2020, Senior Constable Salmon, First Class Constable Steele and Constable Macauley arrived at a house that was fully ablaze with flames emanating from the front window and door. Senior Constable Salmon, First Class Constable Steele and Constable Macauley ran through the garage which was filled with smoke and located a woman in the rear yard. The Police Officers took the woman out of the garage to safety and tended to her prior to the arrival of emergency services.

Mr Tyler White, Bronze Medal

For his brave conduct in going to the rescue of a man from drowning in the Canning River, Applecross, WA. At 7.30pm on the 25th January 2020, a man was attending a hotel when he became aggressive and was escorted from the premises.  The man then walked up to the Canning Bridge and jumped off it into the river below. Another patron, Mr White was alerted and jumped into the river and saw the man splashing around in the water.  Mr White swam to him and pulled him from the river, despite the man struggling to get back into the water.

Miss Claire Gordon, Registered Nurse, Bronze Medal and First Class Constable Jonathan Trimble, Police Officer, Bronze Medal

For their brave conduct in going to the rescue of a woman who jumped off the Kwinana Freeway at Mandurah, WA. At 10.30am on the 14th April 2019, Miss Gordon was travelling on the freeway when she saw a woman sitting on an overhead bridge.  Miss Gordon called 000 and walked onto the bridge.  At this point, the woman had climbed over the safety railing and was threatening to jump from her position on the outer ledge. First Class Constable Trimble arrived with his colleague, Senior Constable Katrina Barrett, and made his way onto the bridge.  The woman then slid herself down the ledge and was holding onto the ledge by her hands. Both First Class Constable Trimble and Miss Gordon climbed over the pedestrian safety rails onto a thin concrete ledge which made it difficult to secure a foothold. They grabbed hold of the woman’s arms and held onto the barricade with their other arm, however they eventually lost their grip and the woman fell to the ground. First Class Constable Trimble, Miss Gordon and Senior Constable Barrett, immediately rushed to where the woman was lying on the median strip unconscious.  Miss Gordon commenced CPR on the woman with the aid of the police officers until an ambulance arrived.

Please note that Senior Constable Barrett was sent a Letter of Commendation for her actions that night.

Mr Robert Hyndman, Truck Driver, Silver Medal

For his brave conduct in going to the rescue of two people trapped in a crashed and burning car in Sawyers Valley, WA. At 10.50pm on the 12th June 2019, a driver veered off the Great Eastern Highway and his vehicle came to rest about 60m from the roadside after colliding with numerous trees.  Following the impact, the car caught on fire. Mr Hyndman ran to the burning car and saw that there were three people trapped inside.  He went to the front passenger side door and after some difficulty managed to open it.  Mr Hyndman had some problems in getting the front seat passenger out of the car as her seat belt was tangled but he finally removed it and moved her away to safety. The male driver managed to get himself out of the car by which time the interior was fully ablaze.  He was carrying a backpack which Mr Hyndman tried to take from him.  The driver resisted and pulled a knife out of the backpack.  Mr Hyndman grappled with the man and was able to take the knife and backpack from the man.

Senior Constable Andrew Slee, Police Officer, Silver Medal

For his brave conduct in going to the rescue of a man from a crashed and burning car at Margaret River, WA. At 12.20am on 6 July 2019, Senior Constable Slee and Senior Constable Murphy located a car which had crashed into a tree.  The vehicle caught alight and the driver was unconscious. Both police officers made multiple attempts to extract the driver from the vehicle but they were overwhelmed by smoke and heat from the flames and they both retreated to gain their breaths. Finally, the police officers were able to free the trapped lower part of the driver’s body and they then dragged him away from the vehicle to safety.  The vehicle exploded shortly afterwards.

Please note, Senior Constable Murphy was unable to attend this ceremony.


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