The Governor presenting Commissioner Chris Dawson APM with his Australian Police Medal on the 6th August 2020.

Message from The Honourable Kim Beazley, AC Governor of Western Australia

I wish to congratulate the Commissioner of Police Chris Dawson on his appointment as the next Governor of Western Australia.

The announcement today that Commissioner Dawson will be the state’s 34th Governor is an enormous opportunity for him to continue his already legendary public service, and I wish him well in the position that he will formally take up three months from now.

I have had the absolute honour and pleasure to have served the people of Western Australia as their 33rd Governor for the past four years. I thank the Premier and Government for putting me forward and for the many useful meetings with himself and Ministers. There is no greater privilege than to be offered a role that allows you to advocate for, promote and celebrate everything that is great about this state that we live in, and the people who make it so.

Across this time my wife Susie and I have hosted, met, supported, promoted, talked to, laughed and even cried with an extraordinary and inspiring array of people from right across this state.

We have also worked hard to ensure that Government House, its Gardens and Ballroom were more accessible to the community, and enjoyed and well utilised by all. Among the many initiatives we introduced we were so pleased to have been able to open up the Ballroom to help support those in WA’s arts and culture community that were so heavily impacted by COVID. Our ‘Restart The Arts’ initiative proved to be a lifeline to many artists, performers and organisations who lost rehearsal space or income during these challenging times.

Supporting the excellence of Western Australia has always been at the forefront of my mind and my work across a number of priority areas, including critical minerals, defence, arts and culture, Aboriginal engagement, innovation, space, agriculture, regional Western Australia, and health and medical research.

A great part of the role of Governor is also the chance to work with, and support, over 140 Patronage organisations right across Western Australia.

I would like to take this opportunity to also express my heartfelt gratitude to my wife Susie who has brought her skills and expertise to so many facets of the House, its use and function.

Thank you also to my staff who have been such wonderful support during my term as Governor, and I acknowledge their hard work and dedication to both Susie and I over these past years.

I am very pleased to be able to continue to serve the people of Western Australia through until the end of June 2022, when I will hand over the reins to the 34th Governor in the knowledge that he will serve this state with passion, integrity and dedication.

The Honourable Kim Beazley, AC, Governor of Western Australia

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