The Governor listens to a presentation.
The Governor listens to a presentation alongside Curtin University students.

Fascinating research out of Curtin University and discussions with the WA Agent General

The Governor was welcomed to Curtin University’s School of Electrical Engineering, Computing, Mathematical Sciences (EECMS) this morning by the Vice-Chancellor Professor Harlene Hayne. The school brings together Curtin’s core capabilities across electrical engineering, computing, physics and mathematics, to better understand and advance our data-driven world.

The Governor receives a lesson on the latest development of sonar operations.The Governor receives a lesson on the latest development of sonar operations.

Joining Professor Hayne, the Head of School Professor Andrew Rohl and Deputy Head Professor Iain Murray, led the Governor on a short tour of EECMS, offering an insight into Curtin’s Intelligent Sensing and Perception Group, including studies surrounding working dogs, sensing, communications and defence.

Curtin’s Intelligent Sensing and Perception Group within the EECM School previously won a Eureka Prize for projects focused on ‘a new way of doing chemistry’, and technology for use in defence and national security. They have built substantial knowledge in machine learning, cyber security, statistics and optimisation, digital transformation, radio astronomy, the internet of things, signal processing, embedded systems, renewable and power engineering.

The Governor dives into virtual reality simulations of Guide Dog training.The Governor dives into virtual reality simulations of Guide Dog training.

To showcase these learnings, a number of demonstrations were held. Students Siavash Khaksar and Jaden White-Smith demonstrated virtual reality experiences to remote train guide dogs. Siavash Khaksar and Michael Stone presented machine learning used to monitor the behaviours of military dogs in order to review their mental and physical health. Following this, Siavash Khaksar, Harrison Outram and Bita Borazjani pulled out the big guns, literally, to showcase studies in sensing and monitoring rifle movements and activity using machine learning – the aim of which to be able to design more ergonomic weaponry that causes less fatigue and physical damage to our soldiers. Maths for Vision Impaired: accessible tertiary mathematics using software plugin for NVDA screen reading technology, was next on the list, presented by Ramona Chauhan. Followed by optical communications of real-time video in an underwater environment by Dr Peng Chen and Professor Yue Rong. Finally, Professor Ba Tuong Vo showcased a futuristic submarine program, using passive sonar localisation and tracking for underwater situational awareness – decreasing fatigue and stress on sonar operators aboard our submarines.

Ramsay Centre

Ramsay Centre

Simon Haines from the Ramsay Centre visited Government House for a brief chat with the Governor.

Checking in with the WA Agent General

The Governor logs on to a Zoom call with Mr John Langoulant AO.

The Governor was pleased to hear that the Agent General for Western Australia in the United Kingdom/Europe region, Mr John Langoulant AO, was fairing well, despite working from home with COVID. The discussions centred upon exploring the possibility of tremendous new partnerships between the UK and Western Australia.


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