The Governor in conversation with Perth USAsia Centre's Professor Gordon Flake
The Governor in conversation with Perth USAsia Centre’s Professor Gordon Flake

‘Conversations at Government House’ – Professor Gordon Flake, Perth USAsia Centre CEO

When it comes to understanding the significance of Western Australia, and Australia’s strategic role in the Indo-Pacific region, Professor Gordon Flake is the go-to.

Founding CEO of the Perth USAsia Centre – Australia’s leading think-tank for strengthening relationships between Australia, the Indo-Pacific and the United States – Gordon spent 25 years working in foreign policy in Washington DC before making the move to Western Australia nine years ago.

His passion and curiosity for how the globe works was grounded in his fascinating upbringing, which began on a remote Navajo reservation, led by a father who encouraged travel and exploration and a faith that provided a world of opportunities.

His conversation with the Governor will take you on part of that life journey, as well as provide some interesting insight into some of the key strategic issues facing WA, Australia and the broader Indo-Pacific region in 2022 and beyond.

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