The Governor kicks off the discussion.
The Governor kicks off the discussion.

Government House Roundtable: Critical Minerals

A key priority for the Governor has been to ensure that our State, as well as national and international communities, understand the critical role that minerals and energy play in generating and securing economic growth and development. As a former Australian Minister for Defence and a passionate advocate for the importance of critical minerals, he continues to highlight the link between the viability of this sector and our economic, and national security, and to signpost Western Australia’s key role therein. Today, the Governor invited key stakeholders within Western Australia to a roundtable discussion about our critical mineral capacities and how we can help secure vital supply chains in this uncertain world. The Governor noted that our State has a growing list of partners and AUKUS collaboration including with our industry will be vital into the future.

The Critical Minerals Roundtable panel.The Critical Minerals Roundtable panel.

“Australia is integral to the effective functioning of our allies and the world economy. Look no further than Western Australia’s resources that feed supply chains – whether they are rare earths, lithium, (now) titanium, iron ore or other resources spanning virtually every identified critical mineral – not to mention world-leading innovation born out of the resources sector including those related to remote operations and autonomous systems. Western Australian industry is about 10 years ahead of NASA in key areas of these dual-use technologies.”

Australia has so much more to offer the world than simply crushing and shipping rocks. Rich in critical minerals, combined with our enormous technological know-how and innovative culture has set us up as world leaders in the manufacturing of certain minerals.

Discussions were lively.Discussions were lively.

Discussions were lively and enlightening with representatives from Government, the private sector and our AUKUS allies taking turns to add value from their own unique perspectives. The findings from today’s discussions will help to position effectively Western Australian capacities going forward, including via senior leaderships.

Patrol Vessel Program

Following up on a visit to the Luerssen workshop earlier this year, Tim Wagner, Chairman Luerssen Australia, Mr Jens Nielsen, CEO and Project Director Luerssen Australia and Mr Matt Moran, Head of Strategy and Government Relations visited Government House to update the Governor on the Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessel Program. Discussions also turned to the possibilities of relocating further defence industry works to Western Australia to bolster our sovereign shipbuilding capabilities.

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