The Governor chats with student recipients.
The Governor chats with student recipients.

State assets: hydrogen and musical talent

The Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL) is dedicated to championing international friendship and understanding throughout the Commonwealth and beyond. A not-for-profit private members’ club, they have been bringing like-minded people together since its launch in 1910. In WA, the branch strongly supports Arts activities, through the giving of prizes and awards. Each year they award a Travel Scholarship from ROSL London and grant prizes and scholarships to WAAPA students and members of the Music Department at UWA Royal Schools Music Club of Perth.

ROSL WA Chair, Mr Anthony Howes KCSJ says a few words.ROSL WA Chair, Mr Anthony Howes KCSJ says a few words.

This morning, members of ROSLWA and the 2021 awardees were invited to celebrate at Government House. During his address, the Governor thanked ROSLWA for their ongoing support of the arts and young talent, stating;

“Today’s event shows what is possible when private philanthropy and community organisations unite with our universities and centres of excellence.  We need more of this.”

H2 go?

Gas may not usually be the hot topic of any lunch conversation but today, a small group of experts gathered at Government House to independently examine the true nature of Western Australian hydrogen export opportunities. Representatives from the resources sector, academia, Government, science and industry discussed the potential of hydrogen forming a key pillar of the WA economy.

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