Members of the War Widows Guild file into the Ballroom for a spot of afternoon tea.
Members of the War Widows Guild file into the Ballroom for a spot of afternoon tea.

Remembering the past – a link to the War Widows WA

“It gives me great pleasure as the Patron of Australian War Widows Inc. (WA) to welcome you all here today, to recognise the contribution this fine organisation has made for three generations. In your 75th anniversary year of the founding of the Guild, we give thanks to your organisation that has touched the lives of many Western Australian families, including my own.”

The Ballroom was turned into a dining experience.A few of the wonderful guests to join today’s celebration.

Today, the Governor welcomed members of the Australian War Widows guild to Government House to celebrate their 75th anniversary.

Established in 1949, the Guild supports spouses of servicemen killed in action or as a result of their service. In the past, the Guild fought to have war widows’ pensions seen as compensation for their husbands’ lives rather than as a government handout. They lobbied on behalf of all war widows on issues such as accrued recreational leave, pensions and health care and affordable housing. The Guild also provides information and support for war widows from all areas of conflict. As their membership ages, they confront social isolation. The Guild helps in this with weekly meetings at its community centre, regular day outings and via “The Kookaburra” magazine.

The Governor recalls memories of his grandmother.The Governor recalls memories of his grandmother.

The Governor’s grandmother, Vera, was a foundation member of the Guild and served on its Executive Committee from 1960 to 1966, herself a widow of a serviceman in World War One.

Members of the Guild, including the President of the WA Chapter Ms Emily Cook, gathered at Government House for afternoon tea.

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