Dr Francesca Robertson embraces the wife of her co-author, Mrs Cheryl Nannup.
Dr Francesca Robertson embraces Mrs Cheryl Nannup, wife of her co-author Dr Noel Nannup.

Discussing LeoLabs and launching two significant WA books

Aboriginal Journey Ways

This morning the Governor hosted a morning tea to celebrate the release of a book which was a collaboration between Main Roads and Kurongkurl Katitjin. The book, Aboriginal Journey Ways, explores the relationship between the ancient Aboriginal trails throughout Western Australia and how they shaped the roadways of Western Australia today.

The Honourable Rita Saffioti MLA, Minister for Transport; Planning; Ports introduces the book.The Honourable Rita Saffioti MLA, Minister for Transport; Planning; Ports introduces the book.

The research was undertaken by Dr Francesca Robertson and Dr Noel Nannup and was documented in five reports that include traditional narratives and maps aligned with modern-day roads and bridges. Shared alongside these maps is the spiritual significance of the route and information about Aboriginal occupation in the area.

Author and researcher Dr Noel Nannup speaks to the significance of the book.Author and researcher Dr Noel Nannup speaks to the significance of the book.

In his address, the Governor stated:

“During my lifetime, I have witnessed a maturing of how society thinks of First Nations Peoples. While much work remains to be done, I am greatly encouraged by a healing era of truth-telling, reconciliation and empowerment that promotes our fundamental Australian values of fairness and opportunity.

This book is just one more way that we can share in and learn from that knowledge as we seek to understand and learn about our landscape embedded with Aboriginal journey ways as markers of history, heritage and place that align with our modern main roads and bridges.”

Discussing LeoLabs

The Governor met with Mr Terry van Haren DSM.The Governor met with Mr Terry van Haren DSM.

Managing Director of LeoLabs Australia, Air Commodore Mr Terry van Haren DSM (ret’d), visited the Governor today to discuss his company’s work as the only supplier of commercial radar tracking services for objects in low earth orbit. Discussion included LeoLabs’ imminent new operation in the Collie-Bunbury area as an exciting new development for Western Australia, which will tie in to a bigger global network offering ‘Google maps of space’ type services for space industry. The Air Commodore also shared his experiences as Australia’s Air and Space Attaché to the United States in Washington, DC, including cooperation with the United States in this scintillating domain.

No Enemies, No Friends

Mr Allan Behm addresses the gathering.

In a day of educational insight, the Governor launched a second book. Mr Allan Behm’s No Enemies No Friends – Restoring Australia’s Global RelevanceThe book is a forensic analysis of the “pathologies” of Australia’s strategic mindset – detailing historical and significant research into explaining Australia’s national security policy as it stands and over time. Published by Professor Terri-ann White, founder of Upswell Publishing, the book is a scathing review that calls for collective reckoning, and a collective renewal of leadership, ambition and imagination lest Australia become a pariah.

“Our story of origin and our place in the region – like Australia itself – is complex and nuanced.

We are arriving – far too late – at the grim reality that the lucky country was created with hard work and pluck and pioneering spirit but at great cost.

It is fitting, and well overdue, that we examine our key relationships, our orientation and our focus to ensure that our best national interests, and the interests of Western Australia – our country’s largest, most prosperous State – are being served.”

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