Cadets marched down the driveway to Government House.
Cadets marched down the driveway to Government House.

WA Day Celebrations

Operating since 1954, the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) provides educational opportunities for school-aged children in order to improve their career prospects and instil a sense of community. They aim to improve the lives of people across the 54 Commonwealth nations in areas such as political and diplomatic representatives, civil society, business, and youth leaders.

Cadets prepare to raise the flags.Cadets prepare to raise the flags.

Of particular significance to the society here in Western Australia is that of WA Day. Celebrated on the first Monday of June each year, the day serves to celebrate all Western Australians, recognising our Aboriginal history, early European settlers and the many from all over the world who have made, and continue to make, Western Australia their home. Prior to 2012, June 1 was known as Foundation Day, which marked the day when the first European settlers arrived. In April 2012 Foundation Day was formally changed to WA Day following bipartisan political support in the WA Parliament.

Cadets on parade.Cadets on parade.

The Governor made note of this change in his address:

“On Foundation Day we used to mark European settlement in what was then known as the Swan River colony. It is fitting and right that the date has changed and we now celebrate on a different day, and that our reflection on what it means to be a Western Australian has a deeper context.

We no longer hide from our State’s past.

We are honest about our State’s history and our forebears’ role in that.

We acknowledge the impact of white settlement here and its ongoing effects and we are working to address them.

We embrace and are curious about Aboriginal culture and everything they have to teach us about this place, where they lived for thousands of years before us.

The process of reconciliation is well underway in our State. I encourage all Western Australians, including all of you, to take that journey of learning and healing.”

The Governor is gifted a picture book featuring images from previous events.The Governor is gifted a picture book featuring images from previous events.

To celebrate all that is great in WA, the Royal Commonwealth Society invites a fleet of youth organisations to Government House grounds to form a parade and raise the State flag.

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