SAT Swearing in # 2
A busy week for swearing-in ceremonies at Government House

Second swearing-in ceremony for the State Administrative Tribunal

A second day of ceremonies today for key roles within the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT), with the Governor swearing in four more Supplementary Presidents.

The Honourable Justice Jennifer Hill is sworn in by the Governor

The Honourable Justice Jeremy Allanson is sworn-in by the Governor

Today Governor Dawson welcomed the Honourable Justice Jeremy Allanson, the Honourable Justice Joseph McGrath, the Honourable Justice Jennifer Hill and the Honourable Justice Marcus Solomon to Government House for the occasion.

Swearing in the Honourable Justice Joseph McGrath

The Governor with the Honourable Justice Marcus Solomon

The State Administrative Tribunal is an independent body that reviews a wide range of government decisions and determines disputes. You can learn more about its role here.

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