A large crowd gathered at St George's Cathedral for the service in honour of the Queen.
A large crowd gathered at St George’s Cathedral for the service in honour of the Queen.

Court Mourning Day 11: Governor’s Farewell

After a service in the Queen’s honour at St George’s Cathedral, former Governors and their spouses were invited to Government House for a special commemorative event. Joining this collection was Sir William Heseltine, former Private Secretary to Queen Elizabeth II, and his wife, Lady Heseltine.

The gathered party.
The gathered party.

Born in Fremantle. Sir Heseltine acted as Private Secretary to Sir Robert Menzies, Prime Minister (1955–1959) before undertaking a number of roles that eventually led him to the Press Office of The Royal Household and, finally, to the role of Private Secretary to the Sovereign, and Keeper of the Queen’s Archives.

He retired in October 1990.

Over lunch, Sir Heseltine delighted the Governor and former Governors with tales of our Late Queen. Each in turn discussing their encounters and reminiscing on her time and rule.

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