The Governor officially opens Anti-Poverty Week activities in WA.
The Governor officially opens Anti-Poverty Week activities in WA.

Anti-Poverty Week

The Governor and Mrs Dawson, alongside Members of the Legislative Council, Members of the Legislative Assembly, The Honourable Dr Anne Aly MP, Federal Minister for Early Childhood Education; Youth, Ms Jacqueline McGowan-Jones, Commissioner for Children and Young People and representatives from multiple charities, attended the Anti-Poverty Week Symposium in the Government House Ballroom.

Anti-Poverty Week is an annual national event that seeks to highlight the prevalence and impact of poverty in Australia. 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of Anti-Poverty Week, aiming to bring together speakers, panellists and attendees to explore this year’s theme, ‘Let’s Work Together to Halve Child Poverty by 2030’. According to the latest figures provided by the WA anti-poverty week committee, approximately three-quarters of a million children live in poverty in Australia, 100,000 of these in Western Australia.

The intention of the symposium is that attendees will walk away with:

  • A fuller understanding of child poverty
  • Clearer view of the reason for the high level of child poverty in Australia
  • A realisation that child poverty is not intractable
  • Practical ways it can be addressed
  • How individually and collectively we can halve it by 2030

The symposium begins a week-long series of events in Perth.

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