The Governor chats with representatives from PROBUS groups around the State.
The Governor chats with representatives from PROBUS groups around the State.

Music, the Church and Probus

Probus Day

The Governor and Mrs Dawson hosted the 2022 Probus Day reception, celebrating the United Nations International Day of the Older Person.

“This day is celebrated to challenge negative stereotypes and misconceptions about older persons and ageing, and to enable older persons to realise their full potential.”

Probus is a not-for-profit and non-political organisation with clubs in all states and territories of Australia. It provides retirees and semi-retirees the opportunity to connect socially, encouraging them to maintain an active role in their communities.

Musica Viva

The Governor welcomed WA State Manager of Musica Viva Fiona Campbell and Director of Education Cassandra Lake to receive a briefing about the activities of Musica Viva.

Currently, there are approximately 311,000 students enrolled in WA Government Schools. 19,251 of them are learning a musical instrument via the Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) Program.

Research suggests there is a strong connection between music education and language development, an increase in academic results and literacy, yet a large proportion of Western Australian primary school children have little or no access to music education. In fact, 60% of government primary schools have no access to music at all.

Musica Viva aims to change that, making music available to all.

St George’s Cathedral

The Governor met with Father Steve Hilton of St George’s Cathedral.

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