The Governor presents an award.
The Governor presents an award.

The Adults of Scouts WA

The Governor was invited to attend the Scouts WA Adult Recognition Awards – recognising the contribution made by volunteers to the Scouting movement in Western Australia.

Currently, Scouts WA operates in 16 district groups within the Perth region and eight districts in regional areas. In 2021-22, 4,861 young people in WA were supported by 678 Leaders who delivered the Youth Program. These Leaders were further helped and guided by 179 Program Support Leaders.

Each year, on World Scout Day, the winners of the Scouts WA Adult Recognition Awards are announced. This year’s list contains more than 200 members who have each contributed to the ongoing success of the WA Scouting program.

“What makes Scouting special is that it is a movement focussed on developing our young people.  But as everyone in this room knows, our young Scouts don’t develop all on their own. They are guided by caring and selfless adults, like those we honour today, who give up their free time, their holidays, weekends and evenings, to impart the values of Scouting.

For our young people, it is absolutely vital that we guide them on the right path. To find their way, they need not just a destination in mind, but someone to help them find their way, and keep them on course, and this is what all of you have done.

All around our city and our State there are thousands of adults and uniform Leaders, who dedicate time to encourage the development and wellbeing of our young Scouts.

I thank you all on behalf of our young people and our community.”

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