The Governor delivers his address.
The Governor delivers his address.

Better Together

The Governor was invited to attend the first annual Better Together Ball.

Legacy WA and RSLWA have recognised the synergies of the work they do for veterans and their families and have come together to add potency to fundraising efforts urgently needed to support their core beneficiaries.

All proceeds raised by the Better Together Ball will enable Legacy WA and RSLWA to offer services that include:

  • Employment services as members integrate into society post-service.
  • Advocacy support in seeking to make claims associated with service.
  • Health services assistance through a network of veteran support organisations and health professionals.
  • General activities and support to build and maintain connections that support their health and well-being.

Legacy WA is about to celebrate 100 years of serving the families of those who gave their life or health serving in the ADF. RSLWA has provided camaraderie and assistance to those who have served for over 100 years


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