The Governor and Mrs Dawson meet some students.
The Governor and Mrs Dawson meet some students.

Riverton’s trees for the Jubilee

The Governor and Mrs Dawson were invited to Riverton Primary School for a tour and to assist with the Queen’s Jubilee Tree Planting.

Beginning with an all-school assembly, the Governor spoke to students about the life of the Queen and her service to Australia. Following this, the Governor and Mrs Dawson were taken on a tour of the school where they had the opportunity to meet many students.

Whilst a core component of this project is commemorating the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year and the Queen’s Green Canopy project, the tour also involved a showcase of the ‘green’ spaces being created around the school, with a special focus on providing habitation for critically endangered cockatoos.

Loss of urban canopy and climate change are major environmental problems facing future generations. Riverton Primary campus is located in an area that has one of the lowest tree canopy cover levels in metropolitan Western Australia. Significant urban infill has taken place around the school leading to the loss of established trees and the shade that they provide. Planting native trees on Riverton Primary Campus helps to connect tree canopy across the City of Canning, create a cooler climate and provide habitat for native flora and fauna.

It also provides more green spaces for students and teachers to use as outdoor classrooms.

Students stated that participating in the project inspired them to learn more about their local environment and play an active role in their community as they learnt more about the benefits of trees and connecting with nature, whilst feeling empowered to take action in their community to create places where both people and nature can thrive.

As part of the project, students focused on the endangered Carnaby cockatoo; learning more this local species, why it is listed as endangered and the importance of providing habitat for these cockatoos on school grounds and surrounding areas. The tree species that are planted as part of this project provide a food source and nesting habitat for the Carnaby cockatoo – of which the Governor and Mrs Dawson were pleased to meet.


The Governor welcomed Ralph Addis, CEO, and Ms Lorna Pritchard, General Manager Grants & Community Development from Lotterywest.

Mr Addis provided a brief on funding being progressed for early childhood development in the North West.

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