The Governor and Commanding Officer HMAS Stirling
The Governor speaks with Commanding Officer HMAS Stirling, Captain Gary Lawton, RAN during a visit to Cliff Head as part of a tour of HMAS Stirling.

Touring HMAS Stirling and the Churchill Awards

This morning, the Governor undertook his first official visit to HMAS Stirling. HMAS Stirling is situated on Garden Island, known in the Noongar language as Meandip.

First up, once on the island, the Governor met with Commanding Officer HMAS Stirling, Captain Gary Lawton, RAN who escorted him on a tour of HMAS Stirling. As part of the tour, they visited Cliff Head, which was the landing site of Captain Sir James Stirling who arrived there in 1829 to establish European Settlement, following an initial landing in 1827.

The Governor and Commanding Officer walking at Cliff Head.The Governor and Captain Gary Lawton walk to Cliff Head.

A memorial to the early settlement was built at Cliff Head overlooking Sulphur Bay in 1979 as part of the Western Australian celebrations of the 150th year since the arrival of Captain James Stirling and settlers.

Plaque at Cliff HeadThe plaque on display at Cliff Head was unveiled by Air Chief Marshal Sir Wallace Kyle in 1979 to acknowledge the 150th anniversary of European Settlement.

Australian Clearance Diving Team Four is one of two commissioned Clearance Diving Teams in the Royal Australian Navy. They are the Australian Defence Force’s specialist divers, who operate in-service diving equipment to the maximum permissible depths. They also conduct explosive ordnance disposal for the Navy, and are capable of locating and destroying or recovering underwater ordnance or maritime assets.

The Governor received a briefing and demonstration and the team explained the features of each of their kits. They also shared how they can provide support to the SES and WA Police in emergency situations such as floods and searches.

The Governor views Diving equipment at HMAS StirlingDiving equipment used to provide additional support to SES and WA Police.

The Governor views a demonstration by CDT4Clearance Diving Team 4 brief the Governor on their kit and technology.

Following this, the Governor inspected the School of Survivability and Ship Safety.  An Advanced course was underway in the Damage Control facility which was a great opportunity to see the school in action. Participants learn how to combat hazards, safely fight fires in a naval environment, how to stop flooding in a compartment and how to respond to toxic gas threats.

The RAN School of Survivability and Ship Safety.The team run drills to stop flooding at the School of Survivability and Ship Safety.

The Damage Control Room at the School of Survivability and Ship SafetyThe Damage Control Room at the School of Survivability and Ship Safety.

Churchill Awards

The Governor and Mrs Dawson were delighted to host the 2022 Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship Awards to honour this years 10 recipients.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust was established in 1965 after the death of Sir Winston Churchill. The objective of the Trust is to perpetuate and honour the memory of Sir Winston by awarding the Churchill Fellowships.

Governor addresses the Churchill AwardsThe Governor addresses and congratulates the 2022 Churchill Fellows. 

In reading about your various projects, I am impressed by the diversity of disciplines and subjects you are exploring.

When you head out into the world, to ‘learn globally and apply it locally’, know that you are now all unofficial ambassadors of Western Australia to the world.

 You will do us all proud, and I look forward to seeing what you will achieve with these fellowships.

The Governor presents Amber Fabry with her fellowshipThe Governor presents Amber Fabry with her fellowship.

2022 Western Australian Fellows:

  • Helen Adam
  • Amber Fabry
  • Stacey Hamilton
  • Kerry Hawkins
  • Zeyad Ibrahim
  • Hugh Lydon
  • Jody Nunn and Robyn Smith-Walley
  • Megan Plaster
  • Raelene Robinson

Read more about each Fellow’s chosen topic on the Churchill Fellows Association of WA website

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