New Honourary Aide-de-Camp
Aide-de-Camp Paul Newman, Senior Sergeant Michelle Hansen, His Excellency, Inspector Geoff Regan, Commissioner Col Blanch

Our newest Honourary Aide-de-Camps

Back in the 1800’s the role of an Aide-de-Camp was to serve as an official representative for commanders on battlefields, who would be required to carry out tasks needed during conflict. They were chosen for their trust and loyalty, and could be identified by an aiguilette attached to their uniform.

Thankfully these days the role of Aide-de-Camp is less life-threatening. They represent the Governor at official events, assist the Governor with formal procedures, present and farewell guests at official functions, and also to present insignia to the Governor for recipients during investiture ceremonies. They’re typically appointed from military or auxiliary services, such as police.

Today the Governor had the pleasure of presenting two WA Police Force officers, Inspector Geoff Regan and Senior Sergeant Michelle Hansen, with their Honorary Aides de Camp aiguillettes. 

As our two newest honourary aides, you might see them with the Governor in the near future.

New Honourary Aide-de-Camp
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