ANZAC Day 2023 March
ANZAC Day 2023 March

ANZAC Day 2023

Dawn Service
For the first time in three years, there were no capacity limits at the Kings Park ANZAC Day Dawn Service, with thousands of people arriving early for the commemorations.

It was at this time 108 years ago that ANZAC spirit was born on the shores of Gallipoli – a moment in our history that has defined our nation.

This year drew on the 70-year anniversary of the Korean War armistice, and 50 years since the end of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

In the half-light, people of all ages paused to reflect, remember, and never forget the sacrifices made by our brave men and women who have fought and died for our country.
It’s something that all Australian’s should experience at least once in their lifetime.
ANZAC Day 2023 Dawn Service
ANZAC Day Memorial for Jewish Community Council WA
Following the Dawn Service, the Governor attended a wreath laying service at the Kings Park Jewish War Memorial, with the Jewish Community Council WA, to honour Jewish Australian soldiers that died in World War I and the wars that followed.
It is estimated that 13 percent of the Australian Jewish community enlisted in World War I, of the 180 West Australians that enlisted, 47 made the supreme sacrifice. Nearly 200 Australian Jews died in World War II, and two in the Boer War.
ANZAC Day 2023 Jewish Memorial Service
Gunfire Breakfast
The Gardens of Government House were filled with the aromas of bacon and eggs as the Returned and Services League of Australia WA provided an opportunity for the everyone to enjoy camaraderie with our Veteran community at their annual ANZAC Day Gunfire Breakfast.
The tradition dates back to the 1890’s, where ‘gunfire’ referred to an early morning mix of rum and black tea, to provide a dash of courage or morale prior to a day on the battlefield. The concoction started with English Army Soldiers and quickly adopted by the Australian and New Zealand soldiers.
There was no rum today, but hundreds of people enjoyed a bbq breakfast prepared by the Rotary Club of Perth in front of the picturesque backdrop of 40,000 poppies and Government House before heading to St Georges Terrace for the March.
ANZAC Day 2023 Gunfire Breakfast

Commemorative March
Often thought to be the centrepiece of the ANZAC Day commemorations, marches are held around the country, from the smallest towns to our cities.

With more than 62,000 veterans residing in Western Australia, they provide service people the opportunity to march alongside their mates.

With 2023 marking the 70th anniversary of the Korean War armistice, and 50 years since the end of the Vietnam War, the March was this year led by those serving in those conflicts – just behind the National flag.

Running in chronological order, the March also recognises the families of servicemen and women who have died for our Nation from all conflicts and peace keeping operations, and now includes veterans without associations, veterans from nations that served alongside Australians, and provides family member the opportunities to march in memory of loved ones who served.

ANZAC Day 2023 March
Commemorative Service
The ANZAC Day formalities concluded for the Governor and Mrs Dawson with the ANZAC Day Commemorative Service at the Perth Concert Hall.
With performances by the Salvation Army Perth Fortress Band and the ANZAC Day Choir, the Governor spoke at the televised service, reflecting on the sacrifices made by our troops in Gallipoli 108 years ago, but also in conflicts and peace keeping operations that have followed.
The services that are held by Australian and New Zealand people over the world are not about glorifying war, but about a commitment by our nations to never forget the sacrifice of our people who fought for our freedoms, and for our way of life.
ANZAC Day is not just about the past. It is about the present and the future. It is about our duty to carry on the legacy of all our ANZACs.
ANZAC Day 2023 Commemorative Service
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