Ex-POW Association Annual Commemorative Service - Mr Arthur Leggett.
The Governor with 104 year old Arthur Leggett.

Swearing in District Court Judges and ex-POW Commemorative Service

Swearing in of District Court Judges

Ms Laura Christian SC and Magistrate Wendy Hughes were today sworn in as judges of the District Court of Western Australia. 

Joined by their family and friends, Ms Christian and Magistrate Hughes took the Affirmation of Office in the presence of the Governor.

Ms Christian was admitted to practice in Western Australia in 1999 and to the High Court of Australia in 2011. She was appointed Senior Counsel in 2019.

She worked for the State Solicitor’s Office from 1998-2006 before being appointed Senior Consultant State Prosecutor at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in 2006.

Magistrate Hughes was admitted to practice in 2007 and worked at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions from 2006 to 2009. Ms Hughes received the Hodge Award for Young Criminal Lawyer of the Year in 2009. 

Ms Hughes was appointed as a Magistrate in 2019 presiding in the Children’s Court where she will continue to serve as a District Court Judge.

Judge Swearing In - Ms Laura Christian SC
Ms Laura Christian SC
Magistrate Wendy Hughes
Magistrate Wendy Hughes

Ex-Prisoner of War Association Annual Commemorative Service

From the Boer War 123 years ago, through to the end of the Korean War nearly 70 years ago, there have been approximately 36,000 Australian Service Men and Women along with military nurses and merchant navy personnel captured as prisoners of war.

The Governor was honoured to attend the service to commemorate those who were captured in conflict, some of whom who perished in prisoner of war camps and those who were released.

Through ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and other commemorative services, we are accustomed to honouring those who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our country and for our way of life.

The stories of our prisoners of war are lesser known, but their sacrifices are significant. 

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