An update on activities at Government House

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we, like everyone else, have had to change the way we do things temporarily. Many of our staff have to work from home. Many others have found their duties increased by the need to sanitise parts of the House and Gardens where use might create infectious conditions. That has allowed us to keep the beautiful gardens open three lunchtimes a week, Tuesday to Thursday.

What has not changed is the Governor’s constitutional duties and obligations. Signing legislation and dealing with regulations at Executive Council have lifted in tempo as Government and Parliament have got to grips with the pandemic. Executive Council meetings of course observe social distancing, as do all meetings here.

We keep up with as many of the fascinating groups, research centres, charities, cultural organisations, and public service providers whom you would find normally at our conferences, concerts, lectures, receptions and meals. Now it’s over the phone or electronically and regular one-on-one meetings.

It is important to keep in touch in these troubled times, alert to opportunities to be of help. The Governor is proud of the adaptability of his staff and their willingness to take on extra burdens.

We are deeply concerned that West Australians stay safe and we are totally confident we will come through this together.

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