Wedding photography

Wedding photographs can be taken in the Government House Grounds by prior arrangement.

We can accept requests up to three months in advance, and require a minimum of four weeks’ notice.

Conditions of use of Gardens:

  1. No alcohol permitted in Government House Grounds.
  2. Photo sessions restricted to the Eastern end of upper Gardens, and lower main lawn.
  3. Please AVOID using areas in close proximity to the House. NO photographs to be taken in front of the House. Use of drone/s is strictly NOT permitted.
  4. Limit of 3 cars to be parked in Grounds. Vehicle details and names of all in party must be provided at least 7 days in advance. Parking area near main gate in front of Lodge building. No parking in front of garages or in main driveway.
  5. Please ensure utmost care is taken when using the Grounds. Applicant is responsible for informing the Wedding Party and Photographer of the conditions.

Application form

To request use of the Grounds for wedding photographs, please follow the link below.

Regrettably, wedding ceremonies are not permitted in the Grounds.

Please contact the Office for further information.


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