Image of an old party invitation


Invitations for the Governor-Designate can be submitted below and will be assessed following his commencement. 

The Governor’s Establishment is currently accepting requests for use of Government House and Gardens.

To ensure adequate preparation time, invitations involving the Governor’s attendance, hosting or active involvement should not arrive less than two months from the proposed date.

Organisations are requested to submit a completed invitation form (‘Form A – Governor involvement) via our website.

The overall aim is to enable the Governor to be as well informed as possible for your organisation’s function, and to prepare a speech which is suitable for the occasion and meets the expectations of your guests.

Follow the link below to complete ‘Form A (Governor involvement)’

Submit Form A (Governor involvement)
  • You will be advised in writing when a decision has been made.
  • More information on the Governor’s attendance at events is available on the Protocol page.



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