Sir Francis Alexander Newdigate Newdegate KCMG

1920 – 1924

Sir Francis Newdigate Newdegate always said it was his wife who convinced him to take up the position of Governor of Western Australia.

Lady Newdegate visited Perth on her way to England from Tasmania where her husband was Governor, and had been entertained by Governor Sir William Grey Ellison-Macartney. She described the place in glowing terms and when Sir Francis was offered the job, he said he “jumped at the chance” simply on his wife’s recommendation. Later, he was quoted as saying “neither of us ever regretted one minute of the time spent here”.

Sir Francis was appointed Governor on 9 April 1920 and was in office until 16 June 1924. There was genuine regret when Governor Newdegate left Perth at the end of his term. Sir Francis said at the time that he was a “thorough believer in Western Australia” and knew well the difficulties the pioneers had to face. He thought it marvellous that so much had been achieved by a population of 330,000 in less than 100 years of settlement.

Sir William Grey Ellison-Macartney PC KCMG

1917 – 1920

Colonel Sir William Robert Campion KCMG DSO

1924 – 1931

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