Sir Frederick Napier Broome KCMG

1883 – 1889

Sir Frederick Napier Broome, farmer, journalist and Governor, was born on 18 November 1842 in Canada.

He married Lady Mary Anne Barker in 1865. Lady Broome was a famous author and journalist in her own right.

Sir Frederick Broome’s six years in office, from 2 June 1883 to 20 December 1889, were tumultuous with continuous clashes with senior officials despite the fact that he personally supported calls for self-government for Western Australia.

In August 1884, Broome suggested to the Colonial Office that a parliamentary system of government be established as he was convinced that responsible cabinet government would be successful. He believed that the population growth of Western Australia would enable the colony to pay its own way, an opinion confirmed by the discovery of the goldfields in Kimberley, Yilgarn and Pilbara in 1885 – 1888.

In July 1887 the Legislative Council asked Broome to take the necessary steps to introduce responsible government. The draft of a constitution bill was sent to London and in December 1888 general elections were held so that colonists could express their views on it.

In September 1890 Broome was appointed Acting-Governor of Barbados and was Governor of Trinidad in 1891 to 1896. He died in London on 26 November 1896.

Sir William Cleaver Francis Robinson GCMG 2/3

1880 – 1883

Sir William Cleaver Francis Robinson GCMG 3/3

1890 – 1895

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